CONFIRMATION OF BOO5.CONFIRMATION OF BOOKING 5.1. Swan cabsshall, upon receiving the booking request from You in the manner set out above, proceed to confirm or decline the booking based on the availability of Vehicles at the pickup time, which shall be informed to You vide an SMS or email. In the event the booking is confirmed, You shall check the booking details including but not limited to pick up time and pick up place, and if there is incorrect detail, the same needs to be informed to us immediately by calling our call centre. 5.2. You shall bear the consequences and damages for any delay that may be caused to You due to Your failure to check the confirmation SMS or email or failure to inform Swan cabsof the incorrect details immediately.6.PAYMENT6.1. Swan cabsshall charge Convenience Fee or Access Fee for the Service which shall be determined and amended at the sole and absolute discretion of Swan cabs. The Convenience Fee or Access Fee shall be payable by you to Swan cabsand shall be informed to you before you begin your ride.6.2. TPSP shall charge Fare to You for the Ride offered to You by the TPSP. 6.3. You shall be required to pay such Additional Fee, which will form part of the receipt of the Total Ride Fee. 6.4. You shall be required to pay such Cancellation Fee in terms of Clause 7, which will form part of the receipt of the Total Ride Fee.6.5. In addition to the Total Ride Fee, You may be required to pay such other charges incurred by you during the Ride in cash i.e. Additional Fee, which are not included in the receipt of the Total Ride Fee. 6.6. The Total Ride Fee will be collected by the Driver or Swan cabsfrom You at the end of the Ride, as set out in Clause 6.7 below.6.7. Swan cabsshall provide a receipt of the Total Ride Fee payable by You at the end of the Ride, however, separate invoices raised by the TPSPs for the Fare and Additional Fee, and the Convenience Fee or Access Fee raised by Swan cabsshall be provided to You on request. You may raise a request for a copy of the invoices from our Support page.6.8. All applicable taxes in respect of the Fare, Convenience Fee, Additional Fee, Cancellation Fee shall be borne and payable by You to the TPSPs or Swan cabs, as the case may be.6.9. You shall choose to pay for the Service Fee by either of the following four methods:(i) Cash payment: Cash payment towards the Total Ride Fee after the completion of Ride can be made to the Driver. (ii) E-Wallet payment: Swan cabsoffers You the facility of making an online payment through an E-Wallet powered by a third party payment processor (“Payment Processor”). E-Wallet money will not be applicable on bookings made through the phone or while the user is not logged into his/her Account on the Application. The processing of payments, in connection with Your use of the E-Wallet will be subject to the terms, conditions, and privacy policies of the Payment Processor that Swan cabsengages for the purpose. Swan cabswill not be responsible for any errors by the Payment Processor in any manner. Further, even in cases of EWallet payments, all Additional Fee (defined below) shall have to be paid by You in cash, to the authority or person concerned or if already paid by the Driver, to the Driver. When You choose to make an E-Wallet payment, Swan cabsshall collect the Fare on behalf of the TPSP who will be responsible for providing the transportation services.6.10. Any payment related issue, except when such issue is due to an error or fault in the Application, shall be resolved between You and the Payment Processor. Swan cabsshall not be responsible for any unauthorized use of Your E-Wallet during or after availing the Services on the Application.