You can add your sedan cab with Swan Travels on fixed amount,

The amount in this will be 40000/- month,

Cab and driver will be of the cab owner.

The company will not be responsible for the driver’s salary or any kind of expenses, this responsibility will be only and only of the cab owner.

The company will pay the fuel charge of all the duties given to you by the company to the cab owner on every Friday at the rate of Rs.4 per kilometer.

Toll tax of all duties paid by the company, State Tax Company will pay to the cab owner every Friday.

The company can impose the duty of cab and cab driver at any time, this duty can be done at any time of the day or night.

If any driver or cab owner does not report for duty for any reason, then the company will be entitled to deduct Rs.1500 for that day from his monthly fixed amount.

The cab owner will be bound to come to the company’s office every day or once in two days to deposit the fare collected from the customer.

The responsibility of the wear and tear of the cab or getting it repaired will be only and only of the cab owner, the company will not have any responsibility in this.

If a cab breaks down due to any reason while on duty, the company will not consider that cab to be on duty for that day.